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CAC Renovations

Date: March 5, 2015 Categories: Blog

Prior to the Mardi Gras break, the Jefferson CAC underwent two long-anticipated renovations. The first was a purely cosmetic improvement, but the second was done to improve upon the quality of our forensic interview DVDs for the benefit of law enforcement, the courts and the Department of Children and Family Services.


The cosmetic improvement was also the most obvious to casual visitors. Our front office got a fresh coat of paint, changing the color from mauve to a minty green. The office looks refreshed and ready for spring, as a result of the new paint.


Our second improvement was sound proofing the CAC’s Interview Room. Prior to the renovation, it was necessary to turn off the heater or air conditioner (an uncomfortable proposition during the coldest months of winter and hottest months of summer), turn on white noise machines outside the room and keep the back half of the building completely quiet. Thanks to the updates, the heater or air conditioner can now remain on during interviews and standard office sounds are no longer picked up by the recording microphone during interviews.


The next physical improvement Jefferson CAC Executive Director, Erika Dupépé hopes to make in the near future is the acquisition of new furniture for the offices, waiting room and conference room.  In addition, she is currently working on having a sound dampening storage system built for the recording equipment in the interview observation room.


“Our furniture has held up remarkably well, but is finally in need of updating.  We hope that some of our needs can be donated by local companies.  And, with our new iRecord system requiring additional fans to accommodate the hardware, we have found that the sound quality of our observation room needs improvement.  I am currently working with our incredible sound engineer regarding a new recording storage cabinet that will address this issue and highlight the quality of our new and improved interview room.”