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Survivor Biographies

Date: September 26, 2013 Categories: Blog

Last week we provided a list of books recommended for victims of child sexual abuse. This week, we are featuring some books written by child sexual abuse survivors who share their stories through biographies.

It is important to keep in mind that books should be used with therapy and not in place of counseling services. Remember to read each book before sharing with children!

“The emotions are strong throughout this well-written book and lead the reader into a world few travel and survive.”- Susan Murphy Milano, violence expert and author, Time’s Up: A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abuse and Stalking Relationships

“Told in a voice that combines childlike wonder with grown-up wisdom…Fragoso manages to tell a disturbing story beautifully, leading readers into the secret world she inhabited for decades and even inspiring a modicum of sympathy for the man who manipulated and abused her.”- Lisa Bonos The Washington Post

“A meticulously reported account of one girl’s journey through a violent and unpredictable childhood. Holloway’s strong voice and remarkable sense of humor, in spite of the horror in her past, make this an unforgettable read.”- Hope Edelman, New York Times bestselling author of Motherless Daughters

“To escape the horror of violent abuse, the two-year-old child ‘went to sleep’ and created the inner world of ‘the Troops,’ the 92 voices that shielded her from pain, but that she didn’t know existed until adulthood. this is a journey through the fragmented world of the multiple personality—told by the Troop.”- Amazon.com.

“With great courage and startling compassion, Silverman tells [her] story. . . . Harrowing in its depiction of savage violation and profoundly moving in its portrait of a child’s fear, confusion, and desperate search for a safe place.”- Kirkus Reviews

 “Stolen Innocence is written with conviction and clarity. [Erin Merryn] doesn’t hold back, and I respect her honesty and openness…By the end of the book, I thought I was reading passages from a much older adult than a high school senior. Erin has grown into a strong, wise, intelligent, perceptive, spiritual, caring adult.”- Susan Reedquist, The Children’s Advocacy Center

“This book is a study in courage, honesty, and the pursuit of truth, even at the risk of alienating the ones you love. Erin’s story will stay with you long after you have finished it.”– Lee Woodruff, Author of Perfectly Imperfect and In an Instant