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Activities to beat summer boredom!

Date: May 20, 2014 Categories: Blog

Summer is fast approaching!  Many children in the area will be getting out of school over the next few weeks.   We have compiled a list of fun, safe summer activities for children and families!

  • Have play dates at the park!  If your child has a new friend that they would like to play with, invite the caregiver and your child’s friend for a play date!  That way, you can get to know the child and their caregiver!
  • Play with ice chalk!  It is easy to make- mix up the sidewalk paint (half cornstarch, half water, plenty of food coloring), pour it into ice cube trays, and freeze it!  You can use the ice chalk to have melting races, 3D sculptures and stamps!  You can find instructions here.
  • Build blanket forts for when it gets too hot to play outside!
  • Water Limbo:  Use a sprinkler hose or a spray nozzle for this time.  Have one child or adult hold up the sprinkler while the other children attempt to limbo under the water.  You can have them crawl or walk.  If you get wet, then you are out.  Lower the water with each turn to see who is left as your winner!  You can find instructions here.
  • You can make a DIY throwing tarp- all you need is tarp, scissors, tape and rope to hang it up!  Directions can be found here!
  • Make huge alien bubbles!  With dry ice and bubble solution, the bubbles become huge and then when they pop, the smoke lingers!  Here are the directions!
  • Have a homemade pizza party! Healthy pizza ideas here and here.
  • Take a trip to the aquarium, insectarium and zoo!
  • Have a paper plane race! You can find more details about this activity here!
  • Join a summer reading program, or start your own!  You can find summer reading programs in your area for your child’s age by visiting here and here!

What activities do you and your family do during the summer?  Feel free to tweet us @JPCAC or “like” us on Facebook to share!