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Bullying Awareness Month

Date: October 21, 2014 Categories: Blog

October marks the 13th annual National Bullying Prevention Month! Although the Jefferson CAC has featured a variety of anti-bullying tools and articles on our social media accounts, we wanted to highlight a few additional points.


Many of today’s parents were bullied as children. For some, the echoes of unkind words from peers may still linger in their minds. Bullied children of past generations were more fortunate in some ways though than children of today. When a child of past generations reached their own home’s threshold, they were granted reprieve from taunting peers, if only for the evening, the weekend or the summer. With the rise in use of cell phones, social media and e-mail among a younger audience, peer bullying has been able to extend into the once safe haven of a child’s home life via what is now known as “cyber bullying”.


Where younger generations are luckier than past generations, is in the level of support and education that are now available for kids and their families. The government and private organizations alike have created initiatives to help children and adults help prevent and address bullying in their communities.


Using the very same tools to fight bullying, that bullies can use to attack their victims, most anti-bullying initiatives have websites with free resources for kids, teens, parents and teachers. Three examples are below.


stopbullying.gov – features a smartphone app, webinar and informative articles


Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center -includes stories from bullied teens, youth activities, teacher tools and a book club


The National Child Traumatic Stress Network – features tools for clinicians, mental health professionals and law enforcement