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Darkness2Light: Stewards of Children Training

Date: January 26, 2015 Categories: Blog

Informed adults are the best protectors of children. With that in mind, the Jefferson CAC proudly offers the Darkness2Light: Stewards of Children curriculum for preventing child sexual abuse. We have three trained facilitators on staff and all of our trainings, offered free of charge, are open to the public. Our currently scheduled trainings for 2015 will be February 5th, April 23rd, July 16th and October 15th. We can also schedule a free training just for your group and/or organization.

Estimates indicate that each adult who is trained in this curriculum can protect up to ten children from becoming a future victim. Whether you’re a medical professional, a teacher, a member of the law enforcement community, a coach, a concerned parent or just someone who cares about kids and wants to know how to prevent, detect and properly respond to child sexual abuse, this two hour training is worth your time.

In addition, if 90% or more of your organization’s members complete the Stewards of Children training, you’ll be eligible to become a Partner in Prevention, a designation indicating that you’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that children interacting with your group are safe.


For questions or to sign up for this training, please contact us at vista@jeffersoncac.com or 364-3857.