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Holiday Safety – Part 2

Date: December 9, 2014 Categories: Blog

Before Thanksgiving, we offered some holiday safety tips from The National Safety Council. Here are some more tips to ensure that your holidays are safe, happy and healthy.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the following:
• Defensive driving is extra important when more people may consume alcohol and drive impaired.
• Time spent in large groups can increase exposure to disease. Wash hands regularly and manage stress to avoid a compromised immune system.
• If you’re not accustomed to having children in your home, look for choking hazards, adult beverages and dangerous objects before they arrive and move them out of reach.
• Replace old, traditional Christmas lights with LEDs to decrease the chance of fires and watch pets around strings of lights.

The National Fire Protection Association site offers a Project Holiday On-line Fire Safety Toolkit to help families learn more about decreasing their risk for holiday fires.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has an on-line guide to help adults pick safe, age appropriate toys for children.

Allstate Insurance posted a blog last year, informing readers of four common, but potentially dangerous holiday traditions. Remember that just because a lot of people are doing something, does not make it wise. We hope that you and your family will have a happy and safe holiday season.