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Hurricane Preparedness for Families

Date: August 15, 2014 Categories: Blog

The Atlantic Hurricane season officially runs from June 1st until November 30th, with its peak occurring between August and September.  Although some experts are forecasting a quiet year, it is always important to be prepared.  With this in mind, we have compiled a list of helpful resources to assist you in your preparedness.

For the latest on news and weather developments, nola.com’s website can be accessed here.

Trying to figure out how best to prepare?  The National Hurricane Center’s preparedness recommendations can be accessed here.

Are you a “NOLA newbie” and just don’t know where to start?  Click here for some helpful tips if your family is new to the area.

Do you have pets?  There are some additional things to take into consideration that can be found here.

While many people are familiar with the physical effects of hurricanes, it’s also important to consider its psychological effects, particularly on children.  Psychological trauma from a natural disaster can result in symptoms including, but not limited to: disorientation, shock and disbelief, anger and irritability, sadness, depression, feelings of powerlessness, apathy, increased use of substances, anxiety, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, stomach or back pain, headaches, nightmares, recurring thoughts about the disaster and changes in eating patterns.

To learn more about how to help adults and children cope, click on the following:

Psychological First Aid Kit

Kids in the Know

Coping with Disaster