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Jefferson CAC Welcomes New Therapist

Date: August 20, 2015 Categories: Blog

The Jefferson CAC would like to welcome our new Therapist, Marti Tidwell! Marti is coming to us after spending the last two years with the Children’s Bureau of New Orleans. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology in 2005 from Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, and in 2011 received her Master’s in Social Work from Tulane University. Prior to working at Children’s Bureau, Marti worked with hurricane survivors on the North Shore with Louisiana Spirit, and also did an internship with Irish Travelers working with survivors of domestic abuse at a battered women’s shelter in London, UK. Outside of work, Marti loves to travel. Most recently, she traveled to Ireland over the Christmas season. She also enjoys spending time with her dog, Gracie, and cat, Meesha, who are both rescue animals. Marti is very excited to be joining the CAC team, “I have always been interested and had a passion for working with survivors of trauma, specifically children, so I’m very excited to be in a position where I am able to work within/alongside the Multidisciplinary team in Jefferson Parish. It’s giving me the opportunity to learn about the different systems and processes the clients I work with are going through which, in turn helps me understand therapeutically the complexity of the issues they’re dealing with.” We feel incredibly fortunate to have Marti join us and are excited that she now gets to call the Jefferson CAC home….welcome Marti!