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Louisiana’s Safe Haven Law

Date: February 26, 2014 Categories: Blog

In 2000, Louisiana joined Texas and other states by enacting the Safe Haven Law, allowing parents who have no other alternative and may abandon their baby the option of leaving their baby in the care of an employee at a Safe Haven facility. If your baby and the baby’s well-being are in danger, you can bring the newborn up to 60 days old to an emergency designated facility.

At Safe Haven facilities, employees are trained to keep a newborn safe. Providing as much information as possible is encouraged, but parents do not have to give their name or any other information. The situation is confidential. When a parent leaves their baby, as long as there are no signs of abuse or neglect, the parent will be protected by the Safe Haven Law and will not be considered guilty of a criminal act of neglect, abandonment or child cruelty.

The following are designated Safe Haven facilities:

  • Licensed Hospitals
  • Public Health Units
  • Emergency Medical Service Providers
  • Medical Clinics
  • Fire Stations
  • Police Stations
  • Pregnancy Crisis Centers
  • Child Advocacy Centers

Since 2004, 28 infants have been successfully and safely relinquished to the state.

For the law, click here.

For the Department of Children and Family Services website, click here.