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School Prevention Program Enters 13th Year

Date: October 6, 2014 Categories: Blog

A total of 28,575 local students have been reached through the Jefferson CAC’s School Prevention Program since it began in 2002. This school year, 333 students in the 1st-3rd grades at Boudreaux Elementary have already gone through the program, with another 600 students scheduled this week at Terrytown Elementary.


“Upon showing the DVD, I talk with the kids about listening to their body signals, when they are uncomfortable about something. We talk about public versus private body parts and the difference between safe, unsafe, secret and confusing touch. We also cover a little bit about internet and electronic safety, as well as the three rules for protecting themselves from unsafe touches,” School Prevention Program Coordinator, Ashley Ditta said, emphasizing that the class is not a sex education class, but instead a class about body safety and abuse prevention.


Because parents are key to keeping their children safe, Ditta stated that parental involvement is welcomed.


“It would be great if they could see if they can get their children to reiterate what they’ve learned and follow up with family specific discussion. I would also like to see more parent participation in the program. We do invite parents to attend with their kids,” Ashley explained.


Ditta said that while the program has reached a large number of children, there is still a need for schools to continue offering body safety information.


“A lot of the kids indicate on the evaluations that this is information that they have never seen before,” according to Ditta.


Ashley stated that when she visits schools, there is often one part of her presentation that goes over surprisingly well.


“Students love the DVD. It’s as old as can be, very basic and very silly, but the kids love it.”


In addition to the DVD, Ditta also uses verbal discussions and coloring pages in her presentations, making them as kid-friendly and age-appropriate as possible.