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What’s so Magical about Midnight?

Date: January 19, 2016 Categories: Blog

All right people, it’s time to be brutally honest here, and admit that it’s only weeks into the New Year, and resolution has become a word you laugh at or cringe at with tears in your eyes. What were you thinking? You’ve never accomplished any resolutions in the past years, so why would this year be any different? It’s almost as if you were defeated the second you made your list of resolutions, or spoke them out loud to someone at a holiday party. Why is it that we expect a totally new ‘me’ once the clock strikes midnight, and all that’s changed is a number?


It’s time that we stop waiting for the New Year to make a New You. The only time that change will come about in your life is when you make time for it, and yourself. I know that, as a mom, dad, or just a human being in general that can be the hardest thing. Maybe we need to start with just that, though. Maybe we need to start with something as small as taking five minutes out of the day for ourselves, and work from there. If you think about it, right after the Holidays seems like an awful time to start something new. You’re tired from being around family, traveling, and you’re most likely broke. Why does that sound like a good idea to start anything new?


In saying all of this, it’s not to late to make goals. Whether those goals consist of getting through Mardi Gras without any tantrums, or going to the bathroom alone once a day instead of your kids or the dog following you in. Whatever it is, there is power in the now, and it’s not too late to be the best you.